Minggu, 22 April 2012

College Life is Good


I can safely say that now. What a relief! :D It's not that I have the highest grade or the most handsome boyfriend in my hand. A fun and comforting and friendly conversation with a bunch of friends is enough for me. A good game, a stupid yet charming joke, and all laugh we've shared. Yeah, for someone like me, it's not something I can easily get ;)

So, I'll dedicate this post for you guys, for the awkward talk that we had, a few months back in the past. For all the money that we've spent at Naruto, Bambu, and even Paman Pentol depan Parkiran, only to have lunch together and having a convo while doing that. For all the walk that we've done, everyday, to reach our classroom (which happened to be in the third floor, ladies and gentlemen, thankyouverymuch). For all the talk about nothing and everything, which made any "praktikum" at any hour of any day not getting me bored. For all the spirit that we've shared at Senam Jum'at or Tekkim Sehat or things like that. For the silliness, for the laugh, for the fight, and even for the tears. For being generous and gorgeus. For being a friend.

Now, it's almost been a year since our first meeting at Banjarmasin. There were three of us who already gave up but the time always goes on no matter what. So let me say this phrase again, out loud, for you.

Ini cuma sebagian dari mereka. Fotonya diambil dari Instagram Cici.
(Ki-Ka > Cici, Nurul, Gendis, Dita. Rahmi, Lini, Arif, tangannya Yasqi)
Thank you :)

Ps, buat adek cowokku yang paling ganteng, paling keren sedunia, selamat menempuh UAN ya besok. Hope you could give your best. Mudahan bisa lulus dan beneran jadi masuk sekolah yang diincar. I'm also giving my best here by sending my prayer to you :)

Sincerely, your sister who is proud of you, always.