Minggu, 03 September 2017

Missing You

I missed a lot of things…
One man said to me once,

“let’s become double busier but one hundred times happier..”

It’s kinda sad that I can’t feel the latter, like him.
I’m busy, I’m not really happy…

But at least the money is good :)

I don’t wanna be trapped though. This circle and my daily routine could become a root for depression. That’s the last thing I want in my life :(

I miss you……..
My friends, family, especially my old self…
Dita, a junior high school student who spends most of her time on Tumblr or Dita, an unemployed kid who waste her days on site like Asianjunkie.

I kinda have a (serious) plan for near future. Pleaseeee wish me well on this one. I really really wanna get what I want this time. And for once, it seems possible. It’s kinda crazy on theory but it really is possible T_T

What’s you been up to these days, folks?

Ps, banyaaaaak peer banget dalam hal bersosialisasi dengan teman teman Loa Janan dan Samarinda hiks. Satu satu ya guys T_T