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My favorite SNSD member and why

I don't have one!! Lol it's wayyyy too hard to just choose one of 9 amazing, talented and inspirational girls. So yes, I love them all and I have no bias.

Your favorite SNSD song

It's still Gee. I love the music, the dance, the outfit, the overall performance. Never get enough of it :p

Your favorite SNSD album

It's definitely unpopular opinion among SONE all over the world, but I love Mr Mr, their 4th mini album.

A SNSD song that makes you happy

How Great Is Your Love? I like My Best Friend and Born To Be A Lady too but HGIYL is just too beautiful and meaningful I'd love to listen to it for the rest of my life.

A SNSD song that makes you cry

Divine. I don't need to explain this one right? :"

A SNSD song that makes you fall in love

Kissing You? Say Yes came close too though.

A SNSD song that makes you dance

Gee!!! Lol I even step back a little from the crowd and dance along to this song in SMTOWNJKT. Oh memories....

A SNSD dance you would like to learn

Genie's dance is so beautiful and on point to me so yes, I'd like to take a dance lesson from Kwon Yuri herself, maybe? :D Feminime at its best.

Your favorite SNSD music video

I like Oh Japanese Version the best out of their sooo many MVs. Basically I always like Japanese release because the girls are pretty and not too extreme in styling (unlike their Korean release)

The very first SNSD song you listened to

Just like most of any SONE, it's Gee, guyssss

Your favorite variety show with SNSD

Intimate Note. The girls are very pretty and loud and funny!

Your favorite reality show with SNSD

Star Life Theater featuring SNSD, all episodes. I love seeing all behind the scenes of their everyday life.

Your favorite actress from SNSD

As for now, I only watched Prime Minister and I and The Third Hospital, but I will choose Im Yoona.

The funniest SNSD member

Omg this is so hard lol. Each one of them is funny in their own way. But I will go with Choi Sooyoung. Best impersonator ever.

Your favorite prank with SNSD

Jessica's cucumber wreath during her musical is one of my favorite story :))

Your favorite SNSD couple

Jeti is feel. Jeti is love. Jeti is life. :))))

Your favorite SNSD moment

Their debut. Though I wasn't there at the beginning of their career but I still got goosebumps everytime I watch their first stage.

Your favorite SNSD interview
Their brief interview at Guerilla Date during Run Devil Run era. Everything is so perfect and fun and everyone is so pwetty pwetty. I miss everything T T

Your favorite SNSD song performance by other Kpop Band / Artist

I don't watch Dream High but I found their cast's version of Genie and gosh I love it. IU x Suzy x Taecyeon x Kim Soohyun x SNSD, perfection, is it?

To Taeyeon

Our favorite kid leader, our best vocalist, my favorite artist in the whole world, the one with the greatest fanservice. I know you're not perfect and it's okay, you can hold a grudge, you can date however and whoever, but please keep humble :))

To Jessica

You are no longer a member of SNSD but I will always support you in whatever decision you make. Please always be true to yourself and the world, keep singing, keep giving the best fanservice like you always did. I love you.

To Sunny

The introvert little bunny, Sunny. I know the feeling of choosing the hard way, hold a lot of things (painful things) only to yourself so other can't be bothered. But sometimes it's okay to let it all out. People can judge but SONE can understand, always. I always wish you to be healthy, cheerful, and surrounded by love.

To Tiffany

My favorite alay ever lol. The loudest member, the annoying one, but also the most loveable. Keep being humble, Fany. The road is still long until SNSD dominates the world like you always want to hehe. It's gonna be so weird if I wish you to be a little quite (because it's so not you lol) but I'd like you to be more behave okay? ;)

To Hyoyeon

SNSD mood maker, cheer to Hyoyeon. You are sooo pretty and funny nowadays.

To Yuri

The one with the most beautiful relationship of them all. I really wish you could get married to Oh Seunghwan, if only it could make you happy :)) Babo Yul, SONE's source of happiness. Keep trying your best, may a lot of the failures (from variety to movie) affects you only in a good way.

To Sooyoung

Actress Choi, MC Choi, the one with a lot of talent. The one with the most impressive public speaking (sorry but Tiffany and maknae, get out! Lol). The most fashionable one too. Please keep strong with a lot of hate comments :))

To Yoona

Actually I'm a bit dissapointed to you over the past years. You're being kind irrelevant and it's not really good. But I think it's just because other members shine too much? Lol. I really wish you could shine a lot more so I can feel more proud of you. Don't forget to always be happy, okay? :)

To Seohyun

Best maknae everrrr hehehe. It's always amazing to see your career going from here and there. Your humble personality, your fierce fashion style (second best after Jessi). I always believe you are genuine at everything you did not because I feel like it but actually because I like to have a positive mind. But I really wish you were. :D

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