Sabtu, 30 Januari 2016

The Importance of Watching Movies

One of the most common hobbies in the world nowadays is watching movie. It's a simple activity which we can do simply by ourselves or with a bunch of friends. We can enjoy a movie not only in cinema, but now also in our own house by downloading the movies either legally or illegally. Especially with the launching of Netflix, an application which we can stream our favorite movies anywhere and anytime as long as there is a stable and fast internet connection.

Other than being a simple and fun hobby, watching movie is also believed to be very important by some people. Because through movies, we can learn a lot of things ; things we never actually approach in real life. It's like, we can experience and get the life lesson for every kind of people.

For example, we can learn that bullying is a very serious matter through the movie 'Thread of Lies'. It's a South Korean movie which tell about the hardship of a young girl whom been bullied by her junior high school friends and not being treated in a nice manner by her family. Without being a bully nor a victim, we can embrace the sadness and hopefully realize that it's not okay to share our own pain by bullying someone.

The life lesson provided by a movie is only one of the reasons of its importance. Other reasons may include that watching movie can release people's stress, or it can help people to stimulate their brain. People have their own point of views regarding this hobby and how it can actually make an impact in our daily life. Thus, the degree of importance of watching movies is different for each individual.


Waktu di Pare kemaren, salah satu kelas yang aku ambil adalah Writing 2 di Global English. Kelas ini diajar oleh Mr. T dan materinya tentang menulis esai. It was a loooot of fun for me, karna aku diingatkan sekali lagi betapa aku cinta untuk menulis dan membaca (literally apa aja), dan melakukan aktivitas itu in English adalah sebuah tantangan baru yang menyenangkan. Walaupun aku sering bolos (maafkan ya Mr T_T) tapi beneran deh, aku jadi jauuuh lebih bahagia menulis, diberikan teori teori, diberikan task dengan tema tertentu dan yang paling penting, diberikan deadline. Bahkan pernah nih teman satu kelasku, Sella, bilang dengan yakin kalo aku emang suka banget nulis. Keliatan kali ya, ngerjakan task tapi muka malah bening bersinar haha. Anyway, tulisan di atas adalah satu dari tugas tugas yang kami dapat. Cuma mau disombongin di sini aja sih, soalnya gak bakal bisa juga dikirim ke mana mana karna terlalu singkat dan diksinya masih itu itu saja. See you tomorrow! :D

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